Montgomery County Communities

Montgomery is one of the most long-established communities in the state of Texas; with the Sam Houston National Forest located in the Western Montgomery County is just minutes away, the great city of Houston can be found just 50 miles southwest and nestled alongside Montgomery is the nearby entertaining Lake Conroe.

Montgomery County Homes

The historically traditional area of Montgomery technically only covers a modest two square miles in size, the local citizens of the April Sound, Buffalo Springs, Bentwater, Walden, Grand Harbor and Del Lago sub divisional areas proudly call the Montgomery zone their focal home. In this quaint area, you will find a viable selection of golf course homes, lakefront houses and magnificently designed inland properties conveniently sited all over this growing community.

With the Montgomery region being the core nucleus of all these neighboring vicinities, it can facilitate almost any inspiring ideas or adventurous without directly being in the midst of all the animated entertainment.

The Montgomery County TX Communities can benefit from the tons of playgrounds, Olympic-sized swimming pools, basketball area, covered pavilion and awesome tennis facility with covered courts in April Sound. Then travel to the Bentwater area and join the Yacht Club to take advantage of the surplus 12.5 miles of shoreline and both private islands so you can enjoy the Marina. In addition to this, citizens’ of the neighborhood can become a member of the Bentwater fitness clubs available as well as enjoying the esteemed day spa. Grand Harbor holds many large inland wooded lots for easy camping access on top of numerous biking, horseback riding and natural hiking trails to explore while Lake Conroe boasts a grilling 10-acre park and a top line boat launch.

Montgomery inhabitants’ can experience the convenience of enjoying these exciting activities located in area just a stone’s throw away and still coming home to serene environment with beautiful backdrop surroundings.

The Montgomery County proudly boasts a selection of country homes with a wide variety of different amounts of acreage to flatter each person’s needs, which hold equestrian suitable properties to safe keep horses or perhaps just a comfortable home for families with plenty of room to roam.

The birthplace of the Lone Star Flag of Texas’s property market features waterfront gated communities, adventurous trails along with outdoor recreational activities that promise extreme fun with the additions of recent new trendy retail shops and fine dining restaurants spotted all over the area, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Montgomery real estate is positioned in an extraordinary place that is filled with beautiful historical significance with an educational park named Fernland Historic Park and Museum found in downtown district of Montgomery as well as the Memory Park operated by the Rotary Club would be popular choices to take your family on a inspirational day out. Your families’ educational requirements are fulfilled with the varied public and private schools available at all levels, including a prominent Montgomery College.

There are some breathtaking real estate properties available in the Montgomery County that gives people that rural country-feel. There are also some exclusive Montgomery County Texas communities that offer these acreage estates including Crown Ranch, Montgomery Trace, Crown Ranch, and Highland Ranch.With a relaxed country lifestyle, Montgomery Communities can conveniently achieve the best of both worlds and fulfilling both their own and families adventurous desires’ and relaxation wishes.


Top Glass Hummingbird Feeders

When it comes to hummingbird feeders, there is no want for variety. In my search for top glass hummingbird feeders, I have found many that are beautiful as well as practical. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Blown Glass Feeders

1. Etsy.

If you frequent this delightful little area of artisan heaven, you already know that Etsy is a treasure trove of delectable creative crafts and goods. I had plenty of luck finding beautiful glass hummingbird feeders there, naturally. Let me introduce you to some of the artisans.


This little company receives rave reviews from customers and crafts upcycled glass feeders out of wine bottles and copper tubing. The wine bottles, er, feeders are available in a variety of colors. They are asking $24.95 each for these.

Kennedy Glass Studio

This shop features beautiful blown-glass hummingbird feeders that don’t drip. They are small in size and are designed to minimize bacterial and fungus growth. They are available in a swirl of designs in blue and red, and if you make a purchase of $100 or more, they Kennedy Glass Studio will plant a tree in your honor! A nectar recipe is included with each order. This style of feeder will set you back $59.99, but from a shop that includes little perks with purchase and such a fine quality product, I’d say it’s worth it.

Dynamic Form Glass

This company creates a jaw-dropping glass feeder. It holds a small amount of nectar and

stands 8 inches tall. This shop has good reviews and they also take custom orders. This stunning piece of artwork costs $78.

Distinctive Gifts

This shop creates a beautiful feeder with a hummingbird hand painted on the glass. The material used includes copper, rubber, and enamel glass paint. The copper used ensures that it will not rust. This feeder costs $25. Not bad.

There is also a variety of choices for the more practical of glass hummingbird feeder collectors out there. These can be found at the old trusty stand-by stores like Menard’s, Home Depot, and the like. Here’s what I found at these all-American classic stores.


I happened to find a blown glass feeder at Menard’s that’s as charming as it is practical. It’s called the Enchanted Garden Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder. It features what appears to be an upside-down jar with delicate ornate designs molded into the glass. It is easy to fill and holds 20 ounces of nectar. That’s a lot! Unless you have insatiable hordes of hummingbirds taking out your windows in search of more nectar, I’d say this is a significant amount of nectar and you likely won’t need to refill the feeder for a while. $16.99. Great buy, if you ask me.

Home Depot

Now, I don’t think I exactly expected to find a glass feeder as awesome as this one at Home Depot. I’m not sure why. But I think this feeder is a great find. While at Home Depot, look for the Red Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder. It does, indeed, appear to be an antique glass bottle you found out in your grandmother’s shed, restored to original glory, and converted into an upside-down hummingbird feeder. It holds 24 ounces of nectar, is easy to clean, and has four feeding holes. Not too shabby at $18.88.


Did you know that Lowe’s carries a cute little hummingbird feeder with hand painted roses and little flower feeding ports on it? I didn’t either. It’s called the Garden Treasures Glass Hummingbird feeder. The hand painted roses are said to attract hummingbirds into your yard, and the bottom rotates for easy cleaning. A happy customer reviewed this feeder to be user friendly and stated that it quickly attracted hummingbirds. A steal at $8.98.

Ace Hardware

For the very practical glass hummingbird feeder consumer, there is the hummingbird feeder at Ace Hardware that holds 30 ounces of nectar, contains six feeding ports, includes free bag of nectar powder, and has a wide mouth for cleaning and filling. This little baby (or big baby, I should say) will set you back just $19.99.

Who knew there were so many options out there when looking for the best glass hummingbird feeders? In my search, I found far more variety than I could have hoped for. Now, naturally, I need to order one for myself. When I began this project, I was faced what I then thought was the problem of finding a variety of great hummingbird feeders. Now, I’m faced with the problem of choosing just one.

Happy shopping!