Policeman Faces Charges After Drugs Found In Storage Units


If you are hiding illegal drugs in your storage unit, make sure to pay your dues or rent regularly to avoid getting caught by authorities, more so if you are a policeman. This lesson was well learnt by a cop who failed to pay his storage locker rent which paved the way to his arrest and forced leave.

The San Jose Police Department recently announced that one of their veteran cops was arrested and is currently facing charges for drug dealing after the authorities discovered a sizable amount of marijuana hidden in his rented storage unit.

The policeman’s name is Son Vu, 42 and has been in the service for 20 years now. His involvement in drug dealing surprised some of his colleagues considering the length of his service in the organization. The discovery of drugs in his self storage locker took place when some of the employees of Public Storage on Tully Road were cleaning the lockers of clients who have been missing out on their rents. During the clearing operation, the employees found 20 pounds of marijuana hidden away in Vu’s storage unit. The employees were alarmed of the discovery making them decide right away to call the authorities to report the incident.

Upon closer investigation, it was found out that the renter of the storage unit was a cop named Son Vu. The veteran policeman was immediately arrested and was charged with two counts of felony of marijuana possession for cultivation and sales. A bail was set for Vu at $20,000. After Vu was booked, he was ordered to be placed on paid leave.

According to the San Jose Police Department Chief Larry Esquivel, they will and do not tolerate such criminal conducts within the workforce and anyone caught would be held responsible for his own conduct. He also shared that a thorough investigation is underway and is being conducted by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office in relation to the sizable amount of marijuana stash found on the rented storage unit of Vu.

The San Jose Police Department is bombarded with controversies after arresting another police officer for an equally alarming offense. Son Vu is the second within the police force to be subjected to a thorough investigation after Officer Geoffrey Graves, 38, is also accused of rape when he took a woman who called for domestic violence assistance to a local motel instead of taking her to the police station for proper police aid. Graves was subjected to a complete investigation and pleaded not guilty for the crime he is accused of. However, upon further investigation, the authorities found additional grounds for investigation when Graves was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

UK Self Storage Facilities: A Closer Look at the Industry


The proliferation of self storage facilities in United Kingdom happened only during the 1990s. While UK’s milestone in the self storage facility industry may be considered to lag behind in comparison to US where the wide use of storage spaces began in the early 60s, its rapid yearly growth is quite noticeable. Because of the delay of the introduction of storage space in the UK, the number of the storage units in the country is only around 1,000 compared to the more than 50,000 units of US. However, the industry’s development in the country cannot be discounted. In fact, the number of self storage facilities in UK remains higher compared to the number of units in the entire Europe.

The self storage industry in the UK remained stable despite the imposition of additional 20% tax on its rent not to mention the recession that affected its economy. The self storage business in UK is also challenged by the increasing scarcity of storage areas due to its rising demand and the conversion of available areas to alternative uses. Despite all these, UK saw an impressive increase of the industry’s income last 2013. As a matter of fact, investors are very optimistic on this industry judging by the way clients continue to demand for storage spaces and based on the steady increase of the revenue generated from the industry.

A look at the numbers

UK has a total of 830 self storage facilities with a total number of 30 million square feet for the area.   The average occupancy rate is 68% while its total annual revenue is $610 million; a far cry to US’s $22 billion income per year. Despite all this, it should be taken into consideration that UK remains the highest self storage facility provider all over Europe with over 400 storage operators in the country. Compared to US, UK is smaller in population and land area which is why it is not surprising that US has over 30,000 self storage facility operators and employs full time workers of around 172,000 individuals against UK’s 2,000 self storage employees.

The reason behind the success

Compared to other industries in the UK, the self storage business remained viable despite the setback and economic challenges. Every year it continues to gather a sizable amount of revenue which contributes positively to the economy of UK and by looking at yearly trends, the rapid increase of the industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The reason behind its continuous growth is the demand for extra space by those who have moved to smaller houses dues to recession or due to retirement and also by those who have decided to divorce and needs space to store their conjugal belongings.